Beth Travis

Role: Consents Co-ordinator

Employer: TotalEnergies

What I do: As Consent Co-Ordinator I am responsible for identifying the requirements for obtaining consent, and coordinating the inputs which the team need to provide. 

What I like about my role: I work with a lovely team, who share the same drive to deliver the best quality project we can.

What drives me: Coming to the project with my own view and being able to contribute meaningfully within a diverse team who share different perspectives to identify the best possible solution for the project.

My career path: I studied both Marine Biology and Environmental Sustainability before joining the offshore renewables sector. I started my career as a marine environmental consultant, before working my way up to being an assistant project manager on two offshore wind developments. In early 2022, I decided to make the leap from consultancy to joining the ODOW team, to place me in a position where I could help drive the team and project towards the most environmentally-friendly solutions while learning about all the non-environmental aspects of developing a project, giving me a better understanding of how development works and how to come up with creative solutions which consider all the moving parts.

What attracted you to ODOW: My background is environmental focused and there were times where other disciplines needed to lead or be the main focus. I wanted an opportunity to move to a project where I could help shape the way the team works, bringing together all of our backgrounds, experiences and technical knowledge into a room where we could work out the best approach to move forwards with every aspect considered. Working on the latest Round of windfarms, also created the chance to work on projects with net gain or strategic plans and commitments.