Chris Jenner

Role: Development Manager

Employer: Corio

What I do: As Development Manager I am responsible for the overall development team to apply and obtain the planning consents and land rights for the project and to ensure we can connect the project to the National Grid.

What I like about my role: I really enjoy the variety of meeting stakeholders from all walks of life and always learning more about the local environment. Having a long term relationship with many Lincolnshire stakeholders is very rewarding to see the long term benefit of projects.

What drives me: Delivering energy security for future generations.

My career path: Have worked in offshore wind for 20 years with the majority time spent on projects off the Lincolnshire & Yorkshire coasts.

What attracted you to ODOW: A dynamic team with a fresh approach to innovation, environmental stewardship and an opportunity to effect positive change in the local region.

Fun Fact about me: I learnt to scuba dive in Greenland.