Joaquim Moio

Role: Package Manager

Employer: Corio

What I do: As Foundations Lead, I am responsible for the delivery of the Foundations structures for the project’s wind turbines and offshore substations.

What I like about my role: I enjoy the technical and associated supply chain / procurement challenges associated with my role, the variety of tasks and disciplines involved and the opportunity of learning something new every day.

What drives me: Saving the planet, one offshore wind project at a time.

My career path: I started my offshore wind career in 2008 as a structural engineer working at a design consultancy. Following this I became responsible for managing projects – initially as design manager (pre-construction) at the same company, then managing project certification activities and in recent years delivering larger scopes mainly related to offshore structures on behalf of developers.

What attracted you to ODOW: To be at the forefront of the offshore wind industry, playing a part in developing a project which will push the boundaries of the what all parties involved can deliver.

Fun Fact about me: My career in offshore wind so far has taken me to different countries and geographies. I have recently returned to Europe after three years in Taiwan.