Roisin Alldis

Role: Consents Manager

Employer: TotalEnergies

What I do: As Onshore Consents Manager I am responsible for the onshore aspects of the project relating to the consent application and project delivery. This involves engagement with a variety of onshore stakeholders including public and community consultation with a view to minimising impacts and delivering the onshore aspects of the project in the best possible way.

What I like about my role: The project team! Full stop.

What drives me: Working with wonderful people who are all dedicated to the Project and its delivery. We are all working toward the same goal here at ODOW, and that, coupled with years of varied experience across the project team means I’m constantly learning and  developing my skills and knowledge base.

My career path: Prior to joining the team at ODOW, I spent the majority of my career on the consultant side of Offshore Wind. This set me up extremely well for my transition to the developer side, where I have since grown exponentially in my capabilities, confidence and in my knowledge and understanding of the sector as a whole. There is a lot of room to grow and develop here and I have found that I am encouraged and supported to take on new challenges and develop new skills.

What attracted you to ODOW: Having gained an insight into the Offshore Wind Sector from pre- to post consent, I was keen to take what I’d learned and throw it at a project in its early phases, in a region known to myself (being born and bred in Lincolnshire), with project partners with strong track records of delivering large renewable projects globally.

Fun Fact about me: In 2020 I took a sabbatical spent cycle touring around the world, cycling and hiking over 5,000km unsupported in remote back country through Patagonia, Iceland, and the Balkans.