Ryan Lee

Role: Finance and Commercial Manager

Employer: Corio

What I do: I keep the project funded and capitalised, fully insured, and corporately compliant to shareholder accounting and financial reporting requirements. I am also responsible for the day to day legal and contract management activities on the project.

What I like about my role: Every day is different. Some days I am dealing with payments, accounts, and treasury matters, other days I could be arranging for insurances, contracts, and securities to be put in place. My varied role keeps things interesting and busy. I also get to communicate and liaise with a variety of people on the project, with shareholders and externally.

What drives me: Delivering bankable, investment grade green infrastructure.

My career path: I qualified as a surveyor in 2011 and have been a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators since 2015 having completed a Master in Construction Law. I’ve worked with developers, contractors and suppliers to the offshore wind industry for 12 years on an array of UK and European energy projects. Prior to offshore wind I worked in the rail sector for a number of years on high profile capital expenditure programmes, not dissimilar to the timescales, planning, construction timescales in offshore wind. 

The industry is still young and appreciative of transferable skills considering the lack of degrees or specific higher-education and training.

What attracted you to ODOW: Having spent the majority of my career in projects either under construction or approaching FID, ODOW presents a great opportunity to be a part of a project at a very early development stage. The intricacies of consenting, engineering and preparing a bankable financial solution for a project attracted me to work on the project.