Outer Dowsing Offshore Wind Interactive Phase 2 Consultation Map

The Outer Dowsing Offshore Wind Interactive Phase 2 Consultation Map allows you to view the proposed cable routes for the underground cables and substation study areas, jump to specific locations or postcodes, measure distances between the cable route, substation study areas and other objects.

We have included an indicative 80m construction corridor within the PEIR boundary in order to illustrate what the proposed scheme footprint could look like, noting that the PEIR has assessed the full 300m corridor and the final 80m construction corridor could be located anywhere within this boundary. The final corridor will be informed by responses received during the consultation as well as environmental and engineering considerations.

Follow these steps to use the map:

How to Search

  1. In the top-left of the webmap there is a Search Bar
  2. If you click inside the space with the text ‘Find address or place’ you will be able to search by entering road names or post codes
  3. When you type, a list of potential results will load
  4. Simply click the one you are looking for and the webmap will zoom to that location for you

How to Navigate

  1. Once on the webmap you can scroll and zoom around as you wish
  2. To scroll simply click on the map with the left side of your mouse and drag your mouse to move the map
  3. To zoom in and out of the map you can either;
    1. Use the scroll on your mouse
    2. Click the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons in the top left of the webmap

    How to Measure

    1. You are able to measure distances on the webmap
    2. There is a ruler icon button under the Search Bar, click this and the ‘Measurement’ box will appear
    3. Click the ‘Distance’ button (a ruler and arrows icon), choose a metric type (e.g. meters, miles, etc) from the drop down options
    4. Then click on the map in one location and double click on another location, this will populate the ‘Measurement’ box with the distance between the two points in your chosen metric value
    5. Click ‘Clear’ to remove this and undertake additional measurements as desired