8. Other Reports and Documents

All documents beginning 8.1 will form part of the Code of Construction
Practice to be submitted as part of the DCO Application.

            8.1.1    Outline Noise and Vibration Management Plan

            8.1.2    Air quality management plan

            8.1.3    Outline Soil management plan

            8.1.4    Outline Pollution Prevention and Emergency Incident Response Plan

            8.1.5    Outline Construction Traffic Management Plan

            8.1.6    Outline Travel Plan

            8.1.7    Outline Public Access Management Plan

            8.1.8    Outline Preliminary Crossing Schedule Offshore

            8.1.9    Outline Preliminary Crossing Schedule Onshore

            8.1.10 Outline Artificial Light Emissions Management Plan

8.2       Planning Statement

8.3       Outline Biodiversity and Marine Net Gain Principles and Approach

8.4       Outline Marine Mammal Mitigation Protocol

8.5       Archaeological Written Scheme of Investigation Offshore

8.6       Archaeological Written Scheme of Investigation Onshore

8.7       Landscape and Ecology Design Principles Plan (LEDPP)

8.8       Outline Flood Risk Assessment

8.9       Cable Specification and Installation Plan