6. Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR)

Non-Technical Summary

6.1.0    Non-Technical Summary

We recommend everyone reads this summary to help them understand the submission documents and where to find what they are looking for.


6.1.1    Introduction

6.1.2    Need, Policy and Legislative Context

6.1.3    Project Description

   Cable Burial Risk Assessment

   Underwater Noise Assessment

   Onshore Substation Design Principles

6.1.4    Site Selection and Consideration of Alternatives

   Landfall Assessment and Offshore ECC Route Optioneering

6.1.5    EIA Methodology

   Cumulative Effects Assessment Longlist Offshore

   Cumulative Effects Assessment Longlist Onshore

6.1.6    Consultation Process


6.1.7    Marine Physical Processes

   Physical Processes Technical Baseline

   Physical Processes Modelling Report

6.1.8    Marine Water and Sediment Quality

   Water Framework Directive

6.1.9    Benthic and Intertidal Ecology

   Benthic Ecology Technical Report (Array)

   Benthic Ecology Technical Report (ECC)

   Intertidal Technical Report

   Marine Conservation Zone Assessment

6.1.10 Fish and Shellfish Ecology

   Fish and Shellfish Ecology Technical Baseline

6.1.11 Marine Mammals

   Marine Mammals Technical Baseline

6.1.12 Offshore and Intertidal Ornithology

   Ornithology Technical Baseline

   Collision Risk Modelling Assessment Annex

   Displacement Assessment Annex

6.1.13 Marine and Intertidal Archaeology

   Marine and Intertidal Archaeological Technical Report

6.1.14 Commercial Fisheries

   Commercial Fisheries Technical Report

6.1.15 Shipping and Navigation

   Navigational Risk Assessment

6.1.16 Aviation, Radar, Military and Communication

   Aviation Technical Report

6.1.17 Seascape, Landscape and Visual

  SLVIA Methodology

  SLVIA Figures Wirelines and Visualisations

6.1.18 Marine Infrastructure and Other Users

  Helicopter Access Report


6.1.19 Onshore Air Quality

  Onshore Air Quality Construction Phase Dust Assessment Methodology

  Non-Road Mobile Machinery Emissions Assessment

  Offshore Activities Assessment

6.1.20 Onshore Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

  Onshore Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Desk-Based Assessment

  Onshore Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Statement

6.1.21 Onshore Ecology

  Onshore Ecology Ecological Desk-Based Assessment

  Initial Habitat Survey

  Preliminary Roost Surveys for Bats

6.1.22 Onshore Ornithology

  Onshore Ornithology Desk Study

  Winter Bird Survey 2022 – 2023

  Birds Species List

6.1.23 Geology and Ground Conditions

6.1.24 Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Flood Risk

6.1.25 Land Use

6.1.26 Noise and Vibration

  Sound Level Meter Calibration Certificates

  Full Baseline Survey Results

  Construction Plant List

  Noise Model Outputs

6.1.27 Traffic and Transport

  Traffic and Transport Technical Baseline Report

  Traffic and Transport Trip Generation

6.1.28 Landscape and Visual Assessment

  Landscape and Visual Assessment Visualisations


6.1.29 Socio-Economic Characteristics

6.1.30 Human Health

  Population Baseline

6.1.31 Climate Change